Slight Nuance: Invisibility Meter for vulnerable adults

In this age of chaos, you need a proper rationale to be anywhere. If you don’t have a purpose for being somewhere, you could be regarded as a criminal. To avoid that, you always need to be proving your existence.
If you cannot prove your existence good enough, you will stand out. The better you can prove your existence, the more invisible you become. If your invisibility is higher than a certain level, you won’t be noticed. If it goes down below a certain level, you could become out of place.
This invisibility has become a very important element of urban life beside anonymity. Especially if you want to be somewhere without purpose.
Children and the elderly are automatically allowed to be anywhere without purpose. However people between the age of 14 to 59 are not, especially if you are on your own.
So I did research on how you can become invisible with the most basic physical states and items. Of course your invisibility depends on the context, clothes you wear, who you are with, and even the altitude you are at. This time I set the context: urban park, clothes: casuals, being on your own and at the same altitude as everyone.

Hope this invisible meter helps you stay freer.


Weird Sensation: Grape Picking

I went to grape picking.
It cost me 1200 yen (about £9.00) and you are allowed to stay there as long as you want and eat as many grapes as you can.
When I arrived there an elderly lady told me, “You are lucky, a group of 100 people has just gone now”.
Then I was given a basket and a small pair of scissors.
There were not that many grape trees actually, but the branches were spreading all over the field. 1 tree in 3-5m.
As soon as I stood in front of all the grapes, I fell laughing my head off.
Each bunch of grapes was covered by paper with the visual of pale pink eyes, which is supposed to keep birds away from it.
My desire and expectation to eat as many grapes as possible weirdly matched with the pink eyes of grapes, which made me laugh.
Probably I felt like my greed was completely seen through by the eyes of grapes..
I could only eat two bunches of grapes in the end but I got good inspiration from the experience in the picture, so after all I guess it was worth the money.

Amazing Strategy: Petrol Station and Farm Products

I saw a petrol station selling farm products between the petrol tanks.

This allows the customers to buy rice and vegetables while they are wailing for services (in Japan some of the petrol stations are still run by people, which means staff will put petrol into your car and sometimes even wipe your car)

The visual contrast between the petrol price display above and a signboard on the ground saying, “Green Soyabeans 200 Yen” was stunning.

Petrol is about 135 yen (about £1.15) and a bag of green soyabeans is 200 yen (about £1.60) so green soyabeans are more expensive than petrol!