Kurazushi is one of the biggest Sushi chains in Japan. “No Additives” is one of their tag lines.

They have recently updated their system, now using iPads for ordering and “fast track” was introduced which allows you to receive your sushi right away. Once you make your order on the iPad encapsulated in a clear plastic case, it shows the waiting time, usually about 3 min. Then the workers behind the wall make your Sushi and put it on the fast lane which has a special nonslip sheet on. Your Sushi then slides on the lane really fast and stops right in front of your table. After eating, you put your dishes into the dish dispenser and the slot machine above the table is activated every 5 dishes. If you win, you can get Kurazushi original character figures. All the Sushi is 70p.

What I feel is a shame about this is that even though the system itself is great fun, the workers don’t seem to be enjoying it that much. The obstacle is the boundary between the worker and customer. If there is non, we could extend the fast track lanes all over the city, into each house and enjoy Sushi all the time!