Is air still free or not?


We went to a shell petrol station to get some petrol and air for the tires. Being disgusted by an advert of shell lego cars (if you spend more than 30 quid you get the right to buy their lego car collection for 1.49 quid each), we successfully got petrol and then tried to move to the tire air section.

There was a guy using the air in front of us and he finished shortly after filling 1 or 2 of his tires. The air machine was still running and I wanted to use the machine while it’s running so said, “Come on! Hurry up mate!” in my head. My gaze kind of met his, he seemed to kind of grin a bit, stepped back into his car and started to talk to someone on his phone.

“Oh come on! Let me use your air!”

He kept chatting and we almost edged him away so we could get the rest of the air coming out of the machine. If I had done it, he may have said, “Hey man! Don’t steal my air!”

And I would have said, “What you are talking about? What you paid for is the machine maintenance fee and electricity. Air is still free you know!”

The guy actually could have been talking to his friend on the phone, “You know believe or not, someone is trying to steal my air right now. So I’ll head home as soon as the machine stops running.”