Toilet Door Revolution

Screen shot 2014-03-20 at 22.19.42

We need to seriously start to think which way toilet doors should be located.

At the moment it’s almost completely random, whether you push or pull the door when you enter the toilet.

Observing users of the toilet, about a third of people don’t wash their hands after urinating or defecating and pull the handle to open the door and get out. I don’t want to share bacteria so I always try to grab the least touched part of the handle when I get out of the toilet.

All the toilet doors must be the opposite to what I said above, pull to enter and push to exit so that when you get out, you can push the door with your body to avoid sharing urine or feces.

Standardising toilet doors could significantly reduce the number of people who get the flu.


Everyday Intervention: Little Ethiopia

I went to a place called “Little Ethiopia” today, basically a street almost only consisting of Ethiopian and Somalian cafes/restaurants/newsagents.

I had been interested in that place since I witnessed people having fun in one of those restaurants when I cycled passed there in the evening. All of them were Ethiopian and Somalian people.

Today I was roaming around Little Ethiopia, peeping into each shop. At the end of the street, there was a bunch of people gathering in front of a cafe and I got a bit scared but just went through them to look at what the cafe is like inside. There were only Ethiopian or Somalian looking people in there and I got talked by a guy.

“What you want!!??”

He seemed to be the owner of the cafe, so I asked:

Inari: “How much is a coffee?”
Owner: “1 pound, what you want!?”
Inari: “Is it all right to sit in as well?”
Owner: “Yeah, as you can see, but what you want!!?? If you want coffee, here, if you want food, there.”
Inari: “Ahh Ok, ok, oh there is a restaurant next door too. What kind of food do you do?”
Owner: “Somalian food. What you want!!??”

Then other people asked me:

Other People: “Where are you from!!?” China???”
Inari: “Nah,, Japaan”
OP: “There is a place around here where does Kimuchi”
Inari: “But Kimuchi is a Korean thing you know. Anyway I was just exploring around. See you!”
OP: “Ok bye!!”