LPO – Inari cafe bar


I made halloumi cheese pak choi chilli sauce burger and hand made chips for 4 people including myself.

I said, “in Inari cafe bar, it’s only £1.50 and comes with a cup of tea.”

Lost-profit organisation (LPO) is the idea of an organisation aiming to lose their profit,

though I said, “however I accept donations as well so usually people pay around 3 quid for this.”


Open Source Newsagent


There is a newsagent that I go to very often. I love Fentimans fizzy drinks and the shop used to have a couple of kinds of Fentimans. One day when I bought a Fentiman, it was the last stock in the shop. I believed Fentimans would be restocked but it didn’t. I asked the shop owner why but couldn’t get the clear answer. I was sad and disappointed. Then the owner started to look at a newsagent goods catalogue and tried to find an alternative for me. We started to look at it together, there are so many different kind of goods I had never seen! The owner pointed out a pink lemonade of an unknown brand and I made the decision to have it. Let’s do that.
A couple of days later I visited the shop again and as soon as the owner noticed me, he pointed towards the shelf. It was stocked.
I bought the new brand pink lemonade. It was not as good as Fentimans one but still kind of did the job.

A newsagent is an infrastructure. Therefore it should be publicly run.
Open Source Newsagent allows you to stock whatever you want from the newsagent catalogue. The profit margin is set to the minimum just to pay for the bills and the shop keeper’s time and motion. The wage should be as little as the minimum wage.
The shop keeper should be also open source, you can just simply book online in advance for the duration of time you are available that day.

The funds to open an open source newsagent should be collected via donations. An open source newsagent runs exactly in the same way as a normal one but there is just no regular employee or middlemen. The shop keeper’s salary is paid just to comply with the current state of human rights.