Feast after feast

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When one’s feast finishes, another feast starts. When people eat in a restaurant or cafe, they don’t only pay for the food and drinks but also the ownership of their tables and chairs for the duration of their feasts. This ownership actually does not expire until a waiter clears the table. Here, the leftover food or rubbish (if it’s in a fast food restaurant) plays the critical role. If you pretend to own the leavings, you can take over the ownership of the table and enjoy free sitting.

There are two key points to succeed in this:
1. Make sure the table and chairs that you are after are in an open space. A food court where shops share tables and chairs is a good example. Each shop does not pay much attention to where people sit and who they are.

2. You cannot be seen by anyone the moment you sit at your target table. Once you sit down without being seen, nobody can tell whether the leavings in front of you belong to you or not. Forcing customers to leave a restaurant/cafe is extremely rude. Therefore there is almost no chance you will get kicked out after sitting.

It is a practical way of utilising rubbish and reducing food consumption.