New Feminist Server: Nuts Server

When I passed by the Istanbul international airport for transit, I was eager to get the internet connection like many others.

I was wandering the airport seeking any sign of WiFi. Then I found a shiny WiFi signboard that was attached to a Turkish ice cream shop.

I asked the guy in the shop,

Inari: “What’s the password for the WiFi?”

Ice cream guy: “No no no, you buy ice cream and WiFi.”

Inari: “What do you mean, can I use the WiFi first and buy your ice cream?”

Icg: “No no. You buy ice cream, then WiFi. Not WiFi and Ice cream.”

Inari: “All right then, how much?”

Icg: “5 euros. If you buy ice cream I will give you password.”


At first I thought this was a very cheeky business but eventually got intrigued by the way the guy was selling the WiFi connection with ice cream. Ice cream that came with WiFi or WiFi that came with ice cream.

“Maybe I can do it better.”

So here it is, Nuts Server. You buy organic nuts from me and you get a server.

In other words, all the profits made through the sale of nuts are solely used for running a server.

The price of organic nuts should be just as cheap as ones from a supermarket like Sainsbury’s.

According to Femke Snelting:

A feminist server …

… Radically questions the conditions for serving and service; experiments with changing client – server relations where she can …

(for the whole text


Nuts Server does radically question and alter the relation between the server and client.


I’m at the moment in the process of sourcing organic nuts from Oregon, the United States.

The sourcing method will be updated in a different article.

The server collective’s capacity will be around 10 people.