Free WiFi Man

Free WiFi Man radically questions the notion of access and privacy.
S/he carries around a portable WiFi router and shares the password with anyone who can see it.
The access area and privacy level changes according to her/his physical movements.
Elect a person who moves around most in your local area as a Free WiFi Man!
Fund her/him and make WiFi available everywhere!
Screen shot 2015-05-06 at 10.49.16


Maximisation of Agency

First, let’s look at this image below. It’s best to enlarge it.


It’s amazing isn’t it? The human figure it shows is that of the future, the way the machine merges with a human body, the posture and expression of the human, even his clothes look futuristic too, the combination of his animal t-shirt and metallic trousers implies something, there’s no time, and out of context.


Then look at this next.


Everything has disappeared. He just looks like as if he was just walking in a park with his family and came across this project and had a go at it. A clear context you can see, no tension, normal clothes.

This phenomenon shows what happens if one’s agency is maximised. Maximisation of agency.

This is the moment when the current boundaries of human agency as a whole have been updated.

And basically the moment like the first image needs to be happening in every moment in everyday life.

*This project is Mind Over Melon by LVL1 Hackerspace in Louisville.