Free Boat Available in Japan

In Japan you hear a lot of stories about lost personal belongings being returned to the owners without any damage. For example if you lose your wallet/purse you will most likely get it back with every single penny inside. This is not an urban myth; it was reported that last January a women in Tokyo forgot to pick up ¥100,000 (app. 716 pounds/840 euros) withdrawn at an ATM and someone kindly delivered all the paper notes to the nearest police station. This kind person stayed anonymous so didn’t even receive any sort of compensation.

Now this time, a boat was found on a beach and again kindly brought to the nearest police station. This boat will most likely be anonymous so with any identification you could receive this for free.

All you need to do is to get to the following location on the map. The boat will be available until 14th June 2017.



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