Augmented Tea Ceremony@Nara Park – Using AR markers as a form of aesthetics


In Augmented Tea Ceremony, everything is augmented except for Matcha. It features four different types of AR markers: 1. ARToolKit markers for Wagashi; 2. ARToolKit multimarkers for Chawan; 3. Vuforia (proprietary) markers for the walls; 4. retro-reflective markers (made out of hi-viz material) on T-shirts for Kimono.

These are the most commonly used AR makers for marker-based Augmented Reality, together disseminating the technology to the public. Unmodified blunt markers exhibit the technicality of Augmented Reality, which may have some strange aesthetic appeal to the people passing by.

Ideally all the markers should be processed in a single application on a smartphone in an AR headset, but for the retro-reflective markers on clothing, the use of Kinect Fusion seems inevitable.


  • Kian (Bamboo-made mobile tea house) x 1
  • Smartphone x 3
  • AR headset x 3
  • Kinect Fusion x 1
  • White Chawan x 3
  • Tray (for Wagashi) x 3
  • White T-shirt x 3
  • Printed AR Markers