T-shirts 🔀 Labor.org

I have a feeling that T-shirts are increasingly becoming a symbol of support for organisations, whether it’s a graphic design studio, an internet radio station, or a record label.

In the post-corona context, T-shirts are also functioning as a vehicle to convey support for independent and underground musicians who have lost a substantial amount of their income. I often witnessed well-designed T-shirts being sold out in a matter of days after their announcements.

Can we perhaps forward people’s willingness to spend money on T-shirts for support to necessary labor directly?

On T-shirts 🔀 Labor.org, you see an extensive selection of well-designed T-shirts only obtainable in exchange for set labor for charity institutes. For example, if you accomplish a certain task for a nursery home 20 times, you will be awarded with a special T-shirt.

In order to make the T-shirts on the website attractive, they can be developed in collaboration with (famous) graphic designers and artists.