Chinese restaurant chef grows ingredients right next to his shop


The title is how traditional media would describe it but that is not quite what I saw.

On my cycling commute route there is a Chinese restaurant which stands in the middle of nowhere. It is located along a busy highway like road, with an open field at the back (real mountain view).

I have been there a couple of times before and I like the shop since it seems to stick to the line of conventional Chinese food proper without adding any fanciness to it. They are dedicated to Sichuan cuisine.

The owner is in his seventies but he cooks all the dishes by himself. He only hires young girls as his assistants and keeps calling them “cute” at all times…

One morning, when I cycled past the shop, I noticed an elderly looking guy in black sportswear talking to someone who looked familiar.

It was the chef standing in a farm land right next to his restaurant. Not in a gardening costume, but in his pure white usual uniform.

The co-location of a farm land and a cooking uniform visually clicked my brain in a nanosecond, making me intuitively understand his radical practice.

Extreme local production and local consumption in absolute secret!!!

The way his dishes are cooked makes you think as if they were made by following the formal procedure (sourced via processional farmers, logistics, and agricultural cooperatives), but in fact the chef cuts off all the intermediaries and directly puts the ingredients on his plates.

I may try to develop this kind of visual language that transmits essential information much more quickly than the conventional headline based media.


The best way to find a cheap good vintage bike in Japan

1. Try to find old bike shops by typing “自転車屋” (meaning bicycle shop in Japanese) on Google Map.

2. Look at the shops you found in more details using Google Street View and try to find vintage bikes inside them.

3. If you find any good looking vintage bikes, they should still probably be there since it is likely that they were stocked over decades ago and have not been sold yet.

Screen shot 2015-03-23 at 18.12.27





NEW ROAD MARKINGS is a new type of news media which claims itself to be capable of giving one a better understanding of reality than a traditional headlines based media.

As I previously mentioned in the article Speed Hump Revolution, road markings seem to evolve despite the use of an unchanged form of technology. This means they are a pure indicator of the current level of human perception.

Following newly-laid road markings enables us to have a glimpse of the real condition of the world, as opposed to superficial accidents.

After making this platform, I happened to find Georges Perec’s essay “Approaches to What?” which was originally published in L’Infra-Ordinaire in 1989 and noticed my idea coincided with his view:

Railway trains only begin to exist when they are derailed, and the more passengers that are killed, the more the trains exist. Aeroplanes achieve existence only when they are hijacked. The one and only destiny of motor-cars is to drive into plane trees. Behind the event there has to be a scandal, a fissure, a danger, as if life reveals itself only by way of the spectacular, as if what speaks, what is significant, is always abnormal… How should we take account of, question, describe what happens every day and recurs every day: the banal, the quotidian, the obvious, the common, the ordinary, the infra-ordinary, the background noise, the habitual?

NEW ROAD MARKINGS is my answer to his question.

Call for submissions!

Free WiFi Man

Free WiFi Man radically questions the notion of access and privacy.
S/he carries around a portable WiFi router and shares the password with anyone who can see it.
The access area and privacy level changes according to her/his physical movements.
Elect a person who moves around most in your local area as a Free WiFi Man!
Fund her/him and make WiFi available everywhere!
Screen shot 2015-05-06 at 10.49.16

Maximisation of Agency

First, let’s look at this image below. It’s best to enlarge it.


It’s amazing isn’t it? The human figure it shows is that of the future, the way the machine merges with a human body, the posture and expression of the human, even his clothes look futuristic too, the combination of his animal t-shirt and metallic trousers implies something, there’s no time, and out of context.


Then look at this next.


Everything has disappeared. He just looks like as if he was just walking in a park with his family and came across this project and had a go at it. A clear context you can see, no tension, normal clothes.

This phenomenon shows what happens if one’s agency is maximised. Maximisation of agency.

This is the moment when the current boundaries of human agency as a whole have been updated.

And basically the moment like the first image needs to be happening in every moment in everyday life.

*This project is Mind Over Melon by LVL1 Hackerspace in Louisville.

New Feminist Server: Nuts Server

When I passed by the Istanbul international airport for transit, I was eager to get the internet connection like many others.

I was wandering the airport seeking any sign of WiFi. Then I found a shiny WiFi signboard that was attached to a Turkish ice cream shop.

I asked the guy in the shop,

Inari: “What’s the password for the WiFi?”

Ice cream guy: “No no no, you buy ice cream and WiFi.”

Inari: “What do you mean, can I use the WiFi first and buy your ice cream?”

Icg: “No no. You buy ice cream, then WiFi. Not WiFi and Ice cream.”

Inari: “All right then, how much?”

Icg: “5 euros. If you buy ice cream I will give you password.”


At first I thought this was a very cheeky business but eventually got intrigued by the way the guy was selling the WiFi connection with ice cream. Ice cream that came with WiFi or WiFi that came with ice cream.

“Maybe I can do it better.”

So here it is, Nuts Server. You buy organic nuts from me and you get a server.

In other words, all the profits made through the sale of nuts are solely used for running a server.

The price of organic nuts should be just as cheap as ones from a supermarket like Sainsbury’s.

According to Femke Snelting:

A feminist server …

… Radically questions the conditions for serving and service; experiments with changing client – server relations where she can …

(for the whole text


Nuts Server does radically question and alter the relation between the server and client.


I’m at the moment in the process of sourcing organic nuts from Oregon, the United States.

The sourcing method will be updated in a different article.

The server collective’s capacity will be around 10 people.

Feast after feast

Screen shot 2014-11-10 at 17.48.17

When one’s feast finishes, another feast starts. When people eat in a restaurant or cafe, they don’t only pay for the food and drinks but also the ownership of their tables and chairs for the duration of their feasts. This ownership actually does not expire until a waiter clears the table. Here, the leftover food or rubbish (if it’s in a fast food restaurant) plays the critical role. If you pretend to own the leavings, you can take over the ownership of the table and enjoy free sitting.

There are two key points to succeed in this:
1. Make sure the table and chairs that you are after are in an open space. A food court where shops share tables and chairs is a good example. Each shop does not pay much attention to where people sit and who they are.

2. You cannot be seen by anyone the moment you sit at your target table. Once you sit down without being seen, nobody can tell whether the leavings in front of you belong to you or not. Forcing customers to leave a restaurant/cafe is extremely rude. Therefore there is almost no chance you will get kicked out after sitting.

It is a practical way of utilising rubbish and reducing food consumption.

The first right way of using a hidden sensor

Screen shot 2014-09-19 at 5.52.43

My usual cycling route become under construction and a pair of temporary traffic lights were installed at both ends of the construction sight in order to control traffic going on one side of the road.

I then noticed those traffic lights were unusually smooth. Observing them carefully, I found these black devices on top of them! They are sensors and switch the lights to green right away when nobody is on the other side.

It seems the first right way of publicly using hidden sensors, before, they were only used for horrible security home outdoor lights. They have been annoying me everywhere.