Open Wetlab and Open Wet Market Lab

I finally visited the Open Wetlab of the Waag Society in Amsterdam. The building itself was very easy to find, yet I was quite surprised by the way the organisation appears to the public, it’s almost completely hidden!

The reason why I went there was to have a meeting with the initiator of the laboratory to talk about my project idea which was inspired by the Open Wetlab. It was an experimental vending project that was to be done while taking advantage of the Taiwanese culture of “you can put whatever you want on the street without permission”. I heard there are roughly four types of “Wet Market” in Taichung: Hipster market, Hybrid-art market, Very wet market, and Women’s market. The idea was to test what sort of weird things could be sold in the those different types of contexts and traffic of people. For some strange reason the guy did not show up and it was good because the plan got stranded somehow.

To me the most important thing there was to find out in what sort of process the VAGHURT project was granted a residency in the lab for 3 weeks. And I did manage to get informed of this, I will not mention it here though!


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